lilwins makes games and mobile applications.


Jason Marziani is a game designer, developer, and writer.  Under the brand Little Wins, he builds mobile titles on the Unity platform.  A coworking pioneer, Jason spent 5 years at Philadelphia’s Indy Hall before moving to the Philadelphia Game Forge.  Prior to Little Wins, Jason was Tech Lead at the advertising firm Red Tettemer O’Connell and Partners.  His recent work includes development on Domino! by Flyclops and ChemCrafter by BlueCadet.  Jason holds a B.S. in Film and Television from Boston University and a Certificate in Marketing Management from Wharton.

Past Clients include:

Full Disclosure:

* Polyformer is a fictional trade press (Polygon + Game Informer), much like FaceSpace on Law and Order SVU, where lilwins will often quote from made up interviews.

* lilwins makes games and mobile applications.  We don’t make WordPress themes.

* lilwins is the moniker of Jason Marziani, owner and sole proprietor of Little Wins LLC, a registered company in the great state of Pennsylvania.

* Sometimes lilwins performs services as a single person, whether that be planning, design, or development.  Sometimes lilwins VOLTRONS with other amazing self-employed individuals and small teams to fill out capabilities on larger projects.

* “I” often refer to lilwins as “we” because it makes “us” sound awesomer.